Agile Partners & Peavey Electronics update AmpKit to v1.1

15th December 2010

Agile Partners and Peavey Electronics have announced that AmpKit Version 1.1, a major update to the guitar amps and effects iOS App, is available for download on the iTunes App Store.

Full iPad Support
Now a "universal" app supporting iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, AmpKit 1.1 is available for free to everyone who already purchased AmpKit or AmpKit+ for iPhone/iPod touch. In addition, any gear (i.e., amps, pedals, mics) that users already purchased can be easily shared across devices using AmpKit's Restore Purchases functionality. With AmpKit, users never pay twice for the same gear, even if they have both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad devices.

AmpKit 1.1 leverages the iPad's seamless rotation between landscape and portrait orientations and takes full advantage of the iPad's larger display. For example, you can view an entire amp and pedals setup while simultaneously modifying gear settings, or view as many as 15 setups or presets at once without scrolling. AmpKit 1.1 provides users with an interactive experience that includes beautiful amp and pedal artwork designed specifically for iPad.

"This is a huge update to AmpKit," commented Jack Ivers, a principal at Agile Partners. "AmpKit 1.1 raises the bar in a serious way with a beautiful iPad interface and a ton of new features for all iOS users: post-amp effects which bumps up audio quality significantly, audio copy and paste which connects AmpKit with dozens of excellent iOS apps, setup sharing, direct access to music from your iPod library, and more. Finally, AmpKit 1.1 demonstrates our commitment to expanding AmpKit's gear offerings, with three superbly executed new components: the American Acoustic amp and the Tremo-LOL and Wahba Doo pedals."

Audio Copy & Paste: One of the major new features in AmpKit 1.1 is audio copy and paste. AmpKit users can now copy AmpKit recordings and paste them into other apps such as Sonoma's FourTrack and StudioTrack apps or Harmonicdog's MultiTrack DAW. You can also paste audio from other apps into AmpKit as either backing tracks or dry guitar audio. AmpKit supports both Sonoma's AudioCopy/AudioPaste standard and Apple's General Pasteboard, for maximum compatibility with other iOS audio apps.

New Gear
AmpKit introduces three new pieces of gear in Version 1.1:

New Ways to Buy Gear
AmpKit 1.1 includes three new bundles featuring discounts ranging from 50% to almost 70% compared to individual component prices. You can buy almost every item in AmpKit's extensive Gear Store via these highly discounted bundles:

New Features:

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