Tonehammer releases "Small Epic Percussion Vol. 2" for Kontakt and announces: "Gnomehammer Celebration"

16th December 2010

With new content available every day until December 25th, "Gnomehammer" is Tonehammer's way of celebrating and ending the year with "the sickest, baddest, memorable and emotionally disturbed Christmas in the history of virtual instruments". Tonehammer will be releasing something new every day: it may be new freebies, new sales, new releases or ...

Tonehammer has also released Small Epic Percussion - Volume 2, the latest in Tonehammer's line of epic percussion libraries. This collection of small orchestral percussion meshes with any of Tonehammer's other "Epic" percussion libraries. The Small Epic Percussion Volume 1 library focused on small auxiliary hand percussion. This new volume in the series focuses on more standard small diameter drums and bolder, more dynamic metallic elements. While the drums are small and have a sharp, crisp bite to them, the overall sound and body are meaty.

This all-new collection works well as a higher timbre lead or accompaniment to the deeper/lower epic percussion sets. The focus this time was on multiple articulations for a variety of different small drums, including ol'-reliable, the snare drum. however, in keeping true to the "small" name, Tonehammer found a pair of miniature open-body snare drums with a rather unique crack and drive to them. Tonehammer also recorded a few more eclectic percussive instruments, including several small tamborims in different sizes and tunings. They also found several unusual custom instruments, such as a giant spring cymbal, odd steel water-chambered hand percussion instruments and a modified steel air tank.

Tonehammer deep sampled each instrument type and variation in a multiple strike positions, in ensemble and solo sets, as well as special effects and rolls. The instruments were recorded in the same epic hall as the Epic Frame Drum Ensemble, so the lush natural width and sustain and wetness will blend seamlessly with the best of Tonehammer's other epic percussion our-of-the-box.

Tonehammer's goal as always was to capture a full, lush, bright, organic and powerful sound, with plenty of living-breathing emotion and true character. Instrument preset organization is designed pyramid-style, ranging from a master patch of everything recorded to single solo articulations. This allows instant playability and ease of use the moment you open the library, as well as deep and direct sonic control over every aspect of the sound as you dig farther in. Tonehammer included a few creative articulations and specialized arpeggiator presets for the metal instruments.

The instruments are programmed for Kontakt 3.5+.

Small epic Percussion Volume 2 is available for download now for a special intro price of $39. Price goes up to $49 after December 31st.

Also, for the rest of December 2010, all of Tonehammer's themed bundles (Composer Bundles 1 - 6) are on sale, at 40% of the regular individual item prices.

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