Tekky Synths releases ZeNeRyC

10th March 2011

Tekky Synths has released ZeNeRyC, a new VSTi synth plug-in for Windows dedicated to Psytrance.

zeneryc-pro.gifZeNeRyC has been developed to work in symbiosis with Tekky Synths' bass synth PsYbAsSyX. The user can save and load sequences and a few other parameters from one synth to the other, and vice-versa. This feature enables the user to lock bass grooves and synth lines together.

ZeNeRyC comes in 4 versions:

  1. FREE (Basic OSC waveforms, plus the 2x SAW OSC, no MIDI learn on few controls, no sequence lock with PsYbAsSyX).
  2. LIGHT (€30) (Same structure as the free version plus the 9 voices detuned OSC and MIDI learn on all controls, no sequence lock with PsYbAsSyX).
  3. CUSTOMER (a gift for all future Tekky Synth customers whatever the product purchased, except sample banks. ZeNeRyC comes with one OSC section only, no sequence lock with PsYbAsSyX, no StepLFO filter modulation and different randomisation options).
  4. PRO (€65) (all features).


KVR Audio, Inc.