QESounds releases Altered Reality 4 Fx sample library for Kontakt

9th July 2011

QESounds has released Altered Reality 4 Fx for Kontakt.

Altered Reality 4 (AR4Fx) is the latest release in the Altered Reality series - featuring 1500 hand-crafted one-shot sounds specifically designed as ambient and atmospheric soundtrack elements - from ambiguous to decidedly dark textures.

AR4Fx features:

The ARFx libraries are collections of original acoustic sounds that have been modified in a number of ways. Sound sources for AR4 Fx include waterphone, didgeridoo, metals on dry ice, Coke bottles, water sounds, underwater sounds, voice, bowed metals, pots and pans, chimes, and more.

Pricing & Availability

AR4Fx is available as two downloadable versions:

The Pro version is also available on DVD on a special request basis.

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