Cerberus Audio releases Volt Precision Fader VST for OS X

7th November 2011

Cerberus Audio has released Volt Precision Fader: a high quality software plug-in for fine control of gain. Volt was designed to produce smoother fades and more precise gain staging than is possible with conventional DAW faders.

Volt's massively enhanced precision and ergonomic user interface are intended to help recording musicians and engineers achieve unprecedented analogue-like results within the DAW environment. Artifacts which are common to DAW faders such as "zipper-noise", audible stepping, and signal data truncation are minimized or eliminated.

Volt is suitable for a wide range of audio production applications from tracking to mastering to live sound.


Volt Precision Fader costs $15 and is available as a VST effect plug-in for Mac OS X.

KVR Audio, Inc.