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G-Sonique releases FSQ1964 Ultrasoft edition and updates Pultronic EQ-110P (1.1), Twisthead VS-206 (1.2) and FSQ1964 (1.1)
20th January 2012

G-Sonique has released special Ultrasoft edition of FSQ1964 with significantly more subtle sound. In this ultrasoft version, the strength of effect is not so harsh and sharp. FSQ1964 Ultrasoft is included as secondary plug-in beside of main FSQ1964 version. It means all customers of FSQ1964 (including previous ones) will get two versions at once.

Furthermore, new mostly bug-fix updates are available:

Pultronic EQ-110P v1.1:

Twisthead VS-206 v1.2:

FSQ1964 v1.1:

More information at www.g-sonique.com

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