Imaginando releases LIVKONTROL FREE for iPhone and iPod touch

21st February 2012

Imaginando has announced the release of LIVKONTROL FREE, a new variant of the Ableton Live remote controller for iOS, with an interface redesign specially made for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The new version has only a small subset of the iPad version features but in the future a complete expansion will be possible with in-app purchases.

With this app a new business model is also introduced for LIVKONTROL with the application being released for free, a model which will be available for the iPad version in future releases.

This application is specially useful in studio instrument recording scenarios in which you just want to trigger song record, play, stop, adjust tempo or arm a specific track to record or simply mute it.


Like LIVKONTROL for iPad, LIVKONTROL FREE relies on LKBRIDGE to communicate with Ableton Live. Ensure that you have the latest version of LKBRIDGE downloading it at www.livkontrol.com/download

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