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Xitive releases Stochastik Drum Machine for iPad
27th February 2012

Xitive Inc has announced that Stochastik Drum Machine for iPad is now available in the iTunes App Store. It costs $4.99.

The Stochastik Drum Machine has an interesting feature. Unlike other drum machines, Stochastik lets the user set a probability that a note will trigger for each of the steps in your pattern.

Once chance is added into the mix, the user can generate thousands of unique variations automatically.

Supporting WIST, AudioCopy and Background Audio, Stochastik plays well with other applications. Xitive Inc has announced that MIDI Sync and MIDI Note Out will be available in the first update.

You can find a brief introduction on YouTube

Audio Features:

Sequencing Features:

Integration Features:

Learning/Help Features:

About a half hour of tutorial video is available on Xitive's YouTube Channel youtube.com/xitiveinc

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