Klanghelm releases DC8C Compressor 1.0 for Win and Mac (32&64-Bit)

19th March 2012

Klanghelm has released its new compressor DC8C, the big brother of the free DC1A.

Klanghelm says that DC8C is one of the most flexible compressors around. While making a lot of different compression styles possible, its general nature may be described as: clear, smooth, open, distinct.

The main goal while designing DC8C was to get a very clean compressor action without unwanted and often almost inevitable artefacts/distortion. This way you can achieve almost invisible compression for your most demanding mastering sessions, when you want to avoid coloration.

If you aim for colour, you can choose between two saturation models.

DC8C offers some features, you probably haven't seen yet in a compressor, for instance:

If you're not in the mood for tweaking, DC8C offers an additional EASY mode, which lets you get results with just a few controls. EASY mode has 4 different compression styles to choose from.

From opto style, peak compression, RMS compression, Feedback, Feedforward compression (and everything in between) to negative ratios, zero latency brickwall limiting, from snappy transient treatment to smooth transient rounding - everything is possible.

Pricing & Availability

DC8C is available for 20 € (special intro offer) for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU effect plug-in formats.

KVR Audio, Inc.