Kush Audio releases AAX and Windows VST Versions of UBK-1 Dynamics Plug-in

6th April 2012

Kush Audio has released AAX and Windows VST versions of their UBK-1, a three-stage dynamics processor with simultaneous serial and parallel audio paths that offers control over a sound's shape, tone, and harmonic character.

The processor has three engines - Saturation, Compression, and Density. Five compressor curves are provided, all based on the UBK FATSO hardware. A high pass (HP) sidechain filter with an unusually wide frequency sweep allows for unorthodox shapes of compression. Two "Tele" style rockers control the wet/dry Mixes, and feature several optimized preset positions as well as fully variable operation. A Headroom control simultaneously adjusts the intensity of all three engines without affecting the dynamic interactions between them. At the end of the chain, the Density engine adds an additional frequency-selective compressor/harmonic saturator, with a switch for targeting the mids or highs. The cumulative effect of these three engines is a thickness and musicality typically associated with expensive analog processing.

To celebrate the release of these versions, Kush Audio will continue the special $149 selling price on the UBK-1 for the next 30 days.

KVR Audio, Inc.