Glaresoft iDrum released

8th June 2004

Glaresoft have released iDrum, the first third-party plug-in software instrument designed specifically for Apple's GarageBand music software. iDrum adds a powerful drum machine to GarageBand's already well-appointed music production studio, along with nearly 200 iDrum files -- Glaresoft's new drum loop file format -- and over 500 individual drum sounds ranging from classic beatbox bloops and bleeps to high quality ethnic percussion.

iDrum comes with nearly 200 iDrum files, an new drum loop format that provides flexibility and ease-of-use. While other drum loop formats generally rely on rendered audio that must be 'sliced' or 'stretched' in order to work within the context of a musical arrangement, iDrum files provide all of the original drum samples, rhythmic performance data and DSP settings that the sound designer used to create the loop This allows for artifact-free tempo scaling, the ability to change individual rhythmic parts, swap or replace sounds, and so on. iDrum also lets musicians create their own library of iDrum files using either included samples or any AIFF or WAV drum sample, making iDrum's sound palette completely open-ended.

iDrum is available immediately for a suggested retail price of $49.95 USD directly from Glaresoft and through authorized Glaresoft dealers.

KVR Audio, Inc.