Win Cameleon 5000 (Competition time)

18th June 2004

We haven't had a competition for a while so we thought we'd get back in on the compo action with a Cameleon 5000 giveaway, courtesy of Camel Audio who have just released a brand new v1.3.0.1 update for your demoing pleasure.

Cameleon 5000 is Camel Audio's award winning additive synth, featuring resynthesis and sound morphing, which has an out of this world sound.  At its heart is the morph square which allows you to morph between four different instruments at once. You can also use the morph timeline to create rhythmic loops, evolving soundscapes and pads. Uniquely, Cameleon comes with a range of preset morph timelines, to make creating new sounds even easier.

For more in depth information visit our Cameleon 5000 page here at K-v-R where you can read the user reviews that have currently placed Cameleon 5000 at the top of our plugin charts! Plus of course you must visit the Camel Audio website where they have the demo version, demo MP3s and quotes from several magazine reviews to whet your appetite.

Of course we are going to give you the chance to win one, so lets get on to the task in hand.

How can I get Cameleon 5000 for free?

-> Find out here

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