SoundOutTheBox releases Beta version of XTrack EQ32 for Windows VST3

8th June 2012

SoundOutTheBox has released a Beta version of XTrack EQ32, a VST3 audio effect plug-in for Windows that provides a 32 band equalizer with low CPU usage.

XTrack EQ32 allows you to control the equalization of one or many tracks at the same time. Moreover, each equalization can be enabled/disabled by one click. Outputs can also be muted one by one or together.

XTrack EQ32 provides many configurations:

Equalization presets can be saved in a specific file in XML format. These presets are editable and can be loaded easily by the plugin via its user interface.

XTrack EQ32 has also a vu meter for input and output signal.

XTrack EQ32 is free whilst in beta.

Watch the video here

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