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Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.1 - adds Cloud Integration and Educational Pricing
13th July 2012

Harrison has updated Mixbus to version 2.1, a free update for Mixbus customers that provides new features and improvements for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Version 2.1 also introduces special pricing for educational facilities and students.

Mixbus is a virtual audio mixing console with an embedded DAW. The key to Mixbus is that it is, first and foremost, a true audio mixer developed by a company that builds audio consoles. Mixbus presents controls in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get format with knobs for EQ, Filter, Compression, Limiting, Saturation, and associated metering available directly on the screen without opening plugin windows.

Mixbus also provides full workstation features including plug-ins, automation, non-destructive editing, crossfades, import/export, and bouncing.

Mixbus v2.1 includes three new features that help realize the benefits of "cloud computing":

To accommodate the tight budgets of schools and students, Harrison is providing three new payment methods for Mixbus:

All three plans provide free updates to Mixbus ( including major and minor version updates ) during the period of the subscription, as well as email support from Harrison. Subscribers will also receive discounts on future plugins and add-ons. Subscribers may cancel their subscription after the initial 3 months, and continue to use Mixbus without the free updates or email support. Mixbus is also available for the one-time payment of $219.00 (MSRP).

For more information visit: www.harrisonconsoles.com

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