Avid releases AAX versions of "Voce Bundle" and "Tel-Ray Variable Delay"

20th July 2012

Avid has announced that two emulations of classic analog gear, Voce Bundle and Tel-Ray Variable Delay, are now available for AAX DSP and AAX Native. Owners of these products can download a no-cost upgrade available on the product pages linked above.

Voce Bundle (£299.95)
Add classic Voce effects to your tracks that sound great on any instrument.

Tel-Ray Variable Delay (£179.95)

In the early 1960s, technicians at a small company experimented with electronics and technology. When they came up with something great, they would tell Ray (the boss). One invention involved a tuna can, a motor, and a few tablespoons of cancer-causing oil. The creation: an "Electronic Memory Unit"—a technology, they were sure, that would be of great interest to companies like IBM and NASA.

Though it never made it to the moon, the killer technology that gives Tel-Ray its unique sound was licensed by most every major guitar amp manufacturer. And it sounds great on other sounds too. Add an echo to any voice or instrument using the Tel-Ray Variable Delay. It provides lush delay, "amazing" echo, and warms up your tracks and mixes.

KVR Audio, Inc.