DaSample updates Cinematix, Basslyne and QPads to v1.4 and releases Audio Unit versions for Mac OS X

23rd July 2012

DaSample has updated Cinematix, Basslyne and QPads to version 1.4 and released Audio Unit versions for Mac OS X.

Cinematix, Basslyne and QPads are hybrid synthesizers, they combine a Sequencer, Arpeggiator, Gates, Multi FX and infinity pattern random.

Cinematix (95€). Evolving soundscapes, dream synth patches and samples for film composers and sound designers, exclusive sound archives and vintage and modern synths have been extensively plundered to create the unique and inspiring new library that you will find within this powerful virtual instrument.

Basslyne (39€) is a Bass plugin instrument dedicated to electronic music. Now you can easily create and shape your sound. Instant access to different presets is quick and easy.The ability to use multiple oscillators allows Basslyne to produce powerful electronic and virtual analog-bass instruments.

QPads (49€). This is a perfect tool if you need a deep sounds for your tracks. You will find a big sounds collection such as Atmosphere, Tension, etc.

KVR Audio, Inc.