VirSyn Cantor released

5th July 2004

VirSyn have released Cantor - "The Vocal Machine"!

The human voice is the most sophisticated and versatile instrument used in musical expression, with Cantor you can type your lyrics in plain english and then "sing" them instantly just by playing the melody on your MIDI Keyboard. You can add realistic expression with realtime parameters controlling vibrato rate and depth, or changing the character of the singing voice from female to male.

Cantor goes beyond creating realistic "human" singers - many parameters have no relation to human vocals, like "Metallize" which turns your virtual singer into a singing Gong... The voice editor allows you to edit the character of your virtual singer by defining the base spectrum for vowels and consonants. For those of you wanting to create your own alien language the Phoneme editor gives you full access to the atoms of the vocal synthesis engine. With this editor you can define the formant structure and the noise characteristic of each phoneme used by the vocal engine.

Sounds interesting!


Cantor is available now with an MSRP of 349 EUR. Demo versions for Windows and Mac OS X are available for download.

KVR Audio, Inc.