Agile Partners updates AmpKit to v1.4: Announces Ashdown Engineering as an AmpKit Official Gear Partner, Launches "Setup Smackdown" Contest

2nd August 2012

Agile Partners has updated AmpKit for iOS to version 1.4, which incorporates two new effects pedals and two new amplifiers, including an accurate, officially licensed model of the Ashdown ABM 900 EVO III bass amp and matching 8x10 cabinet.

"We're delighted to have Ashdown Engineering join us as an AmpKit Official Gear Partner," said Agile's Jack Ivers. "Ashdown bass amps are truly iconic, and we're very excited about how great the Ashdown ABM 900 looks and sounds inside AmpKit."

Other additions to the AmpKit Gear Store in release 1.4 include the London Century guitar amp, Phase '72 phaser pedal, and Acoustic8 acoustic guitar simulator.

"We're committed to continuing to expanding the gear selection in AmpKit, which is the broadest available in any iOS app, with 38 individually modeled amp channels and a total of 95 components," said Ivers. "The new gear is, as always, based on actual circuit diagrams of highly-sought-after, real-world products to deliver a level of authenticity that is often missing in other apps."

Find out more at ampkitapp.com/new.

Agile also announced the Setup Smackdown contest, where AmpKit users can submit their setups in three categories and have a chance to win real, physical guitar and bass gear.

The categories include

Find out more about the Setup Smackdown contest at ampkitapp.com/contest

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