Muse Research releases Receptor VIP in 3 Configurations (incl. SSDs and Komplete 8)

20th August 2012

Muse Research and Development has announced there are now three configurations of their new RECEPTOR VIP dedicated hardware plug-in player.

This software-powered music instrument combines the ease of use and stability of dedicated hardware with the flexibility and sonic power of software-based computer technology, delivered in a compact and affordable package.

Perfect for the gigging musician who wants superior sounds and effects in a road-proven package, the base model RECEPTOR VIP comes bundled with over $900 of software on its 1TB hard drive and has a MAP price of $1599. The new RECEPTOR VIP SSD comes with a 256GB Solid State Drive for supreme performance, and has a MAP price of $1999. Also available is the new RECEPTOR VIP K8, with Native Instruments Komplete 8 pre-installed and authorized, also with a $1999 MAP price.

256GB SSD Model
The based RECEPTOR VIP has a 1TB hard drive for storing your virtual instruments and effects. But thanks to the 256GB SSD option, you can access any of your sounds or effects incredibly fast thanks to the performance of the RECEPTOR VIP SSD. Everything is faster: it boots faster, it loads faster, it even delivers higher polyphony.

Komplete 8
Every RECEPTOR VIP comes with Komplete 8 pre-installed in demo mode, ready to activate with a license code, opening up an immense range of sounds and musical possibilities. But if you order the RECEPTOR VIP K8 model, this collection of virtual instruments and effects comes pre-authorized, ready to use, right out of the box.

With over 90GB of sounds, and a collection of plug-ins including Kontakt 5, Massive, FM-8, Battery 3, Reaktor 5, Guitar Rig 5, and Absynth 5, it is all yours pre-authorized in the RECEPTOR VIP K8 for a total price of just $1999 MAP.

KVR Audio, Inc.