Circular Labs updates Mobius Programmable Looper to v2.3

17th September 2012

Circular Labs has updated Mobius Programmable Looper to version 2.3.

Mobius 2.3

The focus of this release was fixing bugs reported in the 2.2 release related to continuous speed and rate shifting, and a few assorted old bugs. In addition the OSC interface has been completely redesigned and a new manual has been written and is available on the documentation page.

Bugs fixed:

New features:

Mobius 2.2

The major new feature of this release is a redesign of the speed and pitch functions and controls. Of particular interest is the new Speed Bend control that can be used to change the playback rate smoothly using a MIDI CC or pitch wheel rather than making semitone jumps.

Also of interest is the Time Stretch control that can smoothly change the loop duration and tempo without changing the pitch. Note however that since Time Stretch relies on the old pitch shifting algorithm, there are still some remaining issues with added latency that may make it unsuitable when synchronizing multiple loops. Circular Labs consider this a "beta" feature, but can be be fun in some situations.

Many of the function and control names were changed during the redesign. In previous releases, changing both the playback speed and pitch of the loop was referred to as rate shift. They now consistently use the word speed instead of rate. So parameters such as Rate Sequence are now Speed Sequence. Some of the names were not simple substitutions of "rate" and "speed". For example the Rate Shift function is now known as Speed Step to better indicate that it changes speed in semitone steps.

More details can be found in the 2.2 release notes.

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