QESounds releases PhoenixB Cinematic SFX library for Kontakt 5

1st October 2012

QESounds has released the second entry in its QES Phoenix SFX series - QES PhoenixB.

QES PhoenixB is a library based on 4th and 5th generation sounds - complex, layered, heavily convolved and granulated. The tone and feel is bigger and more aggressive than QESounds' ARFx series. All sounds originate from real world sources.

QESounds says, "We are known for slightly weird and subtly weird sounds. The QES Phoenix series steps it up a notch or three - with more notches to come. We're throwing the kitchen sinks of sound design into this series - convolution synthesis, spectral and amplitude morphing, reversed/mirrored processing, FM and AM, static and dynamic granulation, pitch and time stretching, "motion", stereo manipulation, layering, delay based Fx and more."

QES PhoenixB is more intense than and more heavily layered than QES Phoenix - with a large population of deep effects, motion effects and "plosives". It is suitable for Film and Gaming soundtrack design as well as live venue. It is synergistic with Adventure/Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, and Drama genres.

QES PhoenixB includes V4.4 scripting - which includes global EQ, global convolution, user control of envelopes, EQ and stereo image for each sound and the ability to Save/Load all settings to/from user specified files. It comes in 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz versions, is Kontakt 5.03+ compatible, and is Mac OS X and Windows compatible.

QES PhoenixB includes 10 non-pitched instruments and 40 pitch varied instruments (Time Machine Pro) with a total of 880 sounds.

DLV (download) versions are priced at $59.95 and DVD versions for $69.95.

For more info, audio demos, and ordering go to: qesounds.com/Phoenix

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