Cognitone launches Synfire Express for Mac & Win

1st October 2012

Cognitone has released Synfire Express, an entry-level edition of the Music Prototyping Studio from the makers of Synfire Pro and Harmony Navigator.

Synfire is a comprehensive software for computer aided composition and arrangement. Thanks to applied AI-techniques, it is able to understand, manipulate and interpret music at a high level of abstraction. Working intuitively with graphical expressions, the user can freely combine any musical material gathered from a variety of sources. Thanks to the built-in knowledge about music theory, this works for all styles, from easy pop tunes to complex orchestral works.

"Sound is not everything. Music needs substance to stand out." says Andre Schnoor, CEO of Cognitone, "Synfire makes it easy to build memorable themes with personality. Once you have mastered the learning curve, you will be rewarded for many years with inexhaustible inspiration."

Synfire is showing its strengths where multiple instruments are supposed to play together in a meaningful way. Therefore it is optimal for film music (movie scores), game soundtracks, orchestral works, piano, electronic and experimental music, jazz, pop/rock, folk, hip hop, drum & bass, latin and all other styles that make use of harmony, melody and structure.

The standalone software for Mac OS X and Windows hosts VST and AU instruments and also synchronizes with a DAW via ReWire. By loading remotely controlled "Drones" into the tracks of a DAW, Synfire integrates tightly with most popular sequencers.

Synfire Express is available exclusively as a digital download on the company's web store for 449 €. An upgrade to the more extensive and scalable Pro edition is possible at any time.

A comparison of the different versions is available here.

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