Stretch That Note release "DruMM Elements" for Kontakt

4th October 2012

Stretch That Note have released the latest in their on-going range of the DruMM series for Kontakt entitled DruMM Elements.

Elements concentrates on providing individual sample category modules: kicks, snares, claps and so on utilising the STN method of phase cancellation and M/S for 'depth and width'.

The first collection of six NI Kontakt drum modules, also provided as stand-alone sample sets, with serious warping and mangling tools, concentrates on kick samples. Affording extreme yet useful dynamic tools such as Sub Harm, Space, Saturation, Mash, Wreck, Presence and a host of others, DruMM continues the STN philosophy of 'if it can be warped, stretched, mashed or bludgeoned then so be it'.

Six GUIs carrying 360 samples with manic tools affords the user a high level of control over sample manipulation.

DruMM Elements is priced at $10 for each module or $50 for the set of six.

Watch Using DruMM Elements video on YouTube

All demos created using DruMM, LEWD and PULSE.

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