Tiki Records Hawaii releases "Concert Ukulele Strummer" for EXS24

8th October 2012

Tiki Records Hawaii has released Concert Ukulele Strummer for EXS24.

Concert Ukulele Strummer is a sample library that recreates the unmistakable sounds of a strumming ukulele. It has a classic sound that is instantly recognizable and immediately brings to mind the Hawaiian Islands. The EXS version follows on the heels of the Concert Ukulele Strummer for Kontakt release last week.

Concert Ukulele Strummer features a very easy to play keyboard layout. Every chord was sampled with multiple up and down strokes, palm mutes, and full mutes. 12 chord types were recorded in each of the 12 keys. All samples were recorded at 48k / 24bit for the best quality.

Concert Ukulele Strummer for EXS24 is available now for $49.

KVR Audio, Inc.