Ohm Studio release delayed until January 2013 - Win 6 free months in the meantime

24th October 2012

Ohm Force has announced that, after 7 months of Open Beta, Ohm Studio is now planned for release in January 2013. While originally targeted for mid-October, 2012, the development schedule has been redesigned to include a few must-have additions. Added to the long list of late improvements and stability fixes it has enjoyed over the last few months, it is fair to say that this open beta will have drastically improved Ohm Studio's stability and features.

To apologize for the delay Ohm Force is extending the availability of the Lifetime Offer. Currently priced at €166.00 excl. tax it will ramp up at €187.00 excl. tax from Monday October 29th until release. It will then be removed. Regardless of it, beta users will keep all their projects and will still be able to use the service under the freemium account (with some limitations).

Until then, Ohm Studio's weekly "Collab Fridays" events will now see one of the participants per event rewarded with a 6-month subscription. This reward will be offered each time upon merit according to Red_Force, whether it is great skill, good mood or wearing a funny hat.

Ohm Force say "Week after week these events have produced excellent tracks and cheerful experiences and we have decided that they are here to stay."

Here is a video to grasp in 2 minutes what they are really about: www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4SsOmlr3Os

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