Samplesphere launches Foleyman Series with 4 VST Instruments: Commotion, H2O, INFERNO and Mgun (Machine Gun)

10th December 2012

Samplesphere has launched its new sample based Foleyman Series of VST instrument plug-ins for Windows conceived specifically with animation, film and game producers in mind.

Four plug-ins are currently available: H2O (£17), Mgun (£16), INFERNO (£14), and Commotion (£15). Two versions of each plug-in are included, a single stereo output version and a multi output version.

H2O adds rain, streams (rivers, brooks, etc.) and beach waves to your production.

Mgun allows you to operate 8 different guns simultaneously to create shootouts.

INFERNO enables you to create from large forest fires to small camp fires.

Commotion enables you to create explosions with fall-throughs, smashes and debris for a realistic simulation of the devastation caused by explosions.

Note: Due to the nature of these plug-ins they do not have presets in the generally accepted sense, as scenes created rely entirely on sounds being played together or in sequence, although all control settings can be saved and MIDI files exported from a DAW so they can be reused.

KVR Audio, Inc.