Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to 0.99-beta

27th March 2013

Abeem Live Technologies has updated Rack Performer to version 0.99-beta.

This new version includes several important new features, mostly centered around MIDI and connectivity.

External instruments and effects can be controlled by adding instances of the new "External MIDI Gear" special module to the patch. This module acts as a bridge between the application and the external gear. It can be mapped and automated like any standard module, and appropriate MIDI messages are automatically sent to the controlled gear.

The new "MIDI output turbo mode" option improves MIDI output events timing and reduces jitter by dedicating one CPU core to the task. This option works especially well when coupled with the "aggressive scheduler timing" advanced option. Both options are enabled by default when available on the host machine.

Incoming MIDI events can be filtered by type at three levels (per MIDI input device, per input channel or per module) and all modules can have MIDI effects applied to their inputs. The included effects allow the user to create keyboard splits, layers and merges.

MIDI can be freely routed between modules (interlinks) and plugins operating in pure MIDI mode (ex: VST sequencers) are now supported.

New modules:

New features:

Minor modifications:

Bug fixes:

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