Rabbit Ears Audio releases REA_012 Winter Atmospheres Library (WAV)

1st May 2013

Rabbit Ears Audio has released REA012 Winter Atmospheres, a WAV format sample library that is all about cold.

Here's what they say:

"The temperatures of these files range from a low of 20°F up to a balmy 35°F. Our Rabbit Ears froze so your ears would not have to. Winter Atmospheres was culled from some of the coldest forests and wilderness areas in North America. Our frozen locations include: Nemadji State Forest and Superior National Forest in Minnesota, Crex Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin, and Algonquin Park in Canada."

"This library is Rabbit Ears Audio's first quad ambience collection. We dragged, hiked, skied, and snowshoed a double ORTF rig into the woods. The collection features airs, winds, tree creaks, ice cracks, and even a few winter birds. Each ambience is between two and nine minutes long."

Format details:

Price: $115.00.



KVR Audio, Inc.