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Protootr releases Mix Buddy 1.1 for iOS
11th June 2013

Protootr has updated Mix Buddy for iOS to version 1.1. Mix Buddy is an audio reference tool that is designed to offer beginning and advanced mix engineers a unique way for storing mix information and learning about audio mixing via EQ Blueprints and video tutorials.

What's an EQ Blueprint?
EQ Blueprints are collections of frequencies for different instruments that are designed to help the user improve the sound of a mix. They can be used to make a vocal sound warmer, a guitar less boomy or a violin less scratchy, et cetera. Each EQ Blueprint has a set of Droplets that represent the important frequencies of a particular instrument. Tapping a Droplet gives information on how to adjust the frequency and change the sound of the instrument in a mix. EQ Blueprints also contain lots of mix tips on things like compression, reverb, delay, and more.

Changes in Version 1.1:

Price: $1.99. Mix Buddy 1.1 is for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad* running iOS 5 or higher and is optimized for iPhone 5. It can be downloaded on the App Store.

* In iPhone compatibility mode.

Please visit www.protootr.com for more information on Mix Buddy including more screenshots and videos.

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