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Samplephonics releases 808 // 909 Bundle with £29 saving off RRP
17th June 2013

Samplephonics have released their 808/909 Bundle, which is on sale for £69, saving the user £29 off the registered retail price of both products bought separately.

Samplephonics 909 Rhythm Composer contains over 4000 24-bit Wav samples (44.1kHz or 96kHz) and a custom sequencer for Kontakt 5.

You can choose between clean and real analogue tube samples, and create up to 16 beat patterns with the intuitive sequencer with all the functionality of the original 909.

Samplephonics 808 contains 4,599 24-bit samples (44.1kHz and 96kHz available), a custom Kontakt 5 sequencer and instruments for EXS24, Ableton Sampler, Reason NN-XT and Kontakt 4.

It contains multiple input sources including clean, tape and overdriven tape recorded through Chandler Germanium preamps, a Studer tape machine and Neve desk.

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