NI Electronic Instruments 2 updated

28th September 2004

Native Instruments have posted some updates to the Electronic Instruments 2 collection for Reaktor, including additional preset banks, updated ensembles and a Photone tutorial.

Photone v1.2
This is an updated version of the Photone synthesizer. Besides several enhancements, it includes two brand-new sound banks by Photek and Mike Daliot.

Photone Tutorial
A detailed tutorial by Cornelius Lejeune describing the secrets of the outstanding Photone sound. Available in German and English.

Limelite Snapshot Bank
A wide range of new Limelite Snapshots by James Walker-Hall.

KRYPT version by Apparat
This is a KRYPT version including dozens of presets and new samples made by Apparat.

Akkord Ensemble including snapshot Bank by Dennis De Santis
Akkord ensemble including all previous Akkord snapshot banks plus a new snapshot bank by NI sound designer and artist Dennis De Santis.

Resochord Update 1.2
Updated version of Resochord.

Cyan Update 1.2
Updated version of the Cyan effects unit.

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