Patchpool releases MetaVox for Alchemy

28th August 2013

Patchpool has released MetaVox for Camel Audio's Alchemy.

This library is built around the "exceptional overtone and throat singing of Gareth Lubbe, a true master of his craft". Gareth is actually a professional orchestral viola player and this library also contains several patches with viola sounds, the viola being a string instrument with a great resemblance to the human voice. During the recording session Patchpool also recorded duets of Gareth singing and playing the viola at the same time.

There are also patches with female vocals, using samples which were recorded during a recent session with Frauke Albert, a renowned German vocalist (soprano), working mainly in the field of contemporary music.

As an additional string instrument some sounds also use violin samples, another instrument which has a very voice-like character and blends with the vocals sounds in this library.

Besides using the original vocal and string samples (and resynthed derivatives thereof) for making the Alchemy patches, Patchpool is fascinated in the microcosmic interior of harmonics, so produced quite a few electronic derivatives of the samples, created by e.g. detaching the harmonics from the root note, then deleting the root note only leaving the harmonics which are then further processed, time-stretched, spectralized, tuned to a tempered scale and more.

So you will find a broad spectrum of sounds reaching from meditative overtone drones to fascinating throat singing to otherworldly vocal soundscapes, from technoid and pulsating sequencers to beautiful vocal pads and textures, from warm string pads with an orchestral character to experimental noises from a different universe.

You can view/download the PDF for this library with more details, the licence agreement, some pictures and the patch-list, including playing tips and descriptions for each patch here.

MetaVox Specs:

Price: € 36.

This sound library requires the full version of Alchemy (version 1.55 and higher). It does not work with the Alchemy player version.

Audio demos

All audio demos were produced entirely with Alchemy using only patches from MetaVox, no post-processing was applied apart from a Limiter on the Outputs and some volume automation if several instances of Alchemy were used in a track. Only one demo uses 3rd party reverb as mentioned in the track title.

KVR Audio, Inc.