Samples From Mars releases LinnDrum LM-2 and CR-78 Sample Libraries

3rd September 2013

Samples From Mars has released two new vintage drum machine libraries: the LinnDrum LM-2 and Roland CR-78 Library.

LinnDrum LM-2 ($14)
A LinnDrum LM-2 was recorded into an SSL 4000 Console (using compressor, gate, filter and EQ to taste), a classic EMU SP-1200 sampler, a Roland Space Echo, an Otari MTR-12 mastering reel to reel. Using different combinations of this equipment and extensively re-pitching the hits on tape, the end result is a library of 600+ 24-bit 44.1 kHz, un-normalized samples with no digital processing.

Roland CR-78 Library ($8)
The Roland CR-78 is a classic techno / synth pop / Brian Eno / indie rock drum machine. By re-pitching the sounds on tape, the library offers more sounds than the original machine. The end result is 136 24-bit 44.1 kHz samples designed to be colored, punchy and gritty CR-78 samples.

LinnDrum LM-2 Free Kit
Samples From Mars is also offering a free, smaller version of the LinnDrum Samples library. The kit features 21 samples from the more extensive kit.

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