Quiet Art releases WaveRider v3 AAX for Pro Tools 11

25th September 2013

Quiet Art has released WaveRider v3, which brings Pro Tools 11 compatibility with a new 64-bit build. As well as fitting into PT11, it addresses the biggest request from the user base: A ratio control for signals that are above the targeted level.

Now the louder signals can be controlled in the same fashion as the quiet signals: Heavy handed or loosely.

WaveRider v3 also takes advantage of a new feature of the PT11 SDK that gives it some look ahead time to play with to smooth out the volume automation even more. The result is a much more flexible WaveRider that allows you to take full control of how you want your signal levelled out.

WaveRider is available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems as AAX 32 and 64-bits, as well as RTAS in previous versions.

WaveRider is an automatic volume control plugin that was first released in 2009.

Price: $149. Upgrade from v2 is $25. Find out more at the Wave Rider website.

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