WaveDNA updates Liquid Rhythm to v1.2.2 and releases Liquid Rhythm Intro

21st October 2013

WaveDNA has announced the release of version 1.2.2 of its Liquid Rhythm beat generation software and the release of Liquid Rhythm Intro, a condensed version of Liquid Rhythm for a reduced price.

Liquid Rhythm 1.2.2

The latest version offers users a significant upgrade to the full version of Liquid Rhythm, including powerful new MIDI sequencing and editing tools to create and remix drum patterns.

With a completely redesigned user interface and a host of new and updated features, the latest update to Liquid Rhythm will greatly enhance user workflow efficiency by shortening the time users spend composing and searching for the most suitable rhythm.

New features include:

Liquid Rhythm Intro

Liquid Rhythm Intro is a condensed version of Liquid Rhythm that will increase accessibility for electronic musicians, music producers, composers, and DJs. Liquid Rhythm Intro offers users the same core features of Liquid Rhythm beat generation software for a lower price.

Included in Liquid Rhythm Intro is the new BeatBuilder tool, which allows users to populate multiple bars with the beat of their choosing in a single click from a palette of rhythm patterns. The BeatBuilder enables users to easily experiment with variations using a sequencer that swaps individual notes with clusters of notes, and instantly switch to shuffle, double-time, or half-time feel.

In-line note editing allows users to edit MIDI notes directly in the arranger while notes are updated in real-time for quick and easy beat creation. Users can adjust velocity and groove of multiple notes simultaneously according to the Music Molecule's colour-coded accent patterns with Liquid Rhythm Intro's updated Accent Modifier tools.

Ableton Live Clips Integration allows Ableton Live 9 users to use Liquid Rhythm Intro directly in Ableton Live clips via a Max4Live patch, allowing for an even better production workflow.

Pricing & Availability

Available for both Mac and Windows, Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro are VST/AU/RTAS compatible and work plugin or standalone software. The full version is available for purchase direct from the WaveDNA website for $129.00. A free 30-day trial is also available for download. Liquid Rhythm Intro is available for purchase online for $49.00.

Find a full breakdown of the features available in Liquid Rhythm Intro on the WaveDNA website.


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Liquid Rhythm Intro

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