Peavey releases free Vypyr Edit Software for Vypyr VIP Amplifiers

21st November 2013

Peavey Electronics has announced the release of its new, free Vypyr Edit software for the Vypyr VIP series amplifiers. Vypyr Edit is available for both PC and Mac.

Containing Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar and Electric guitar amplifier models, Peavey's Vypyr VIP series are "Variable Instrument Performance" amps. Now with the Vypyr Edit software, guitarists have the opportunity to get more in-depth with the capabilities of these amplifiers than ever before.

After installing the free software, guitarists can simply connect to Vypyr Edit using the Vypyr VIP's USB bi-directional data and audio port. Once inside the software, users are provided with a complete virtual representation of their Vypyr VIP amplifier. Any adjustments made by the user within the software are directly shown on the amp, and any adjustments made to the amp are also represented in the software.

Guitarists can choose from a wide selection of instrument models, stompbox effects and well-known Peavey amp models to create fully customized tones. Plus, Vypyr Edit allows users to save and load their setting presets and preset banks, and even share them with the global Vypyr community. These customized presets and banks can also be saved to the user's Vypyr VIP amplifier.

Vypyr Edit also contains backing tracks, allowing users to play along using any of the presets they have created. While the software comes equipped with a selection of preset backing tracks, hundreds more can be purchased at GuitarInstructor.com. And for guitarists looking to brush up on their skills, Vypyr Edit includes several video guitar lessons from Rock House that range from beginner to intermediate levels. Additional lessons are provided at RockHouseMethod.com.

Vypyr Edit requires Vypyr VIP Firmware 1.62 or greater, which can be downloaded at www.peavey.com/vip (An installation and demo video along with more information can be found there too).

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