VSL Horizon Series for HALion & Kontakt

22nd October 2004

The Vienna Symphonic Library has released more Horizon Series titles in HALion and Kontakt formats:

All of these libraries come with Vienna's Performance Tool, however for HALion and Kontakt format it is currently only available for Windows. November 2004 will see the release of the Performance Tool for HALion and Kontakt on Mac OS X as well as the remaining libraries, Saxophones I, Vienna Concert Guitar, and Overdrive, in the new formats.

The introduction of the new formats is accompanied by an introductory offer: Until November 15th, users can order the String/Orchestra Bundle (Opus 1, Chamber Strings, Solo Strings) and the Winds Bundle (Epic Horns, Woodwind Ensembles, French Oboe) at a 15% discount. This offer applies to all formats, Giga, EXS, HALion, and Kontakt.

US Distributor: ILIO
European Distributor: Time+Space

The following four libraries have been available in HALion and Kontakt formats since July 2004. Since they don't utilize the Performance Tool they can already be used on both PC and Mac:

The Horizon Series is a comprehensive collection of instrumental libraries which focus on specific instruments or instrument groups. Capitalizing on the team's experience in producing the Vienna Symphonic Library, each edition gives heightened attention to detail and realism. Some of the libraries include all-new instruments that serve as ideal complements to the Symphonic Editions, like the French Oboe or Glass & Stones. Others are compilations taken from the Pro Edition, customized for specific applications, like FX Percussion or Mallets. But each edition is a powerful library that stands on its own with respect to authenticity and usability.

The series offers both traditional and non-traditional instruments, breaking new ground with products like Overdrive (Total Distortion Guitar), Saxophones I, and more to come. The most prominent Horizon Series collection is Opus 1, a 25 GB introduction to the universe of the Vienna Symphonic Library. Featuring essential articulations of the entire orchestra, it includes the Legato Performances, providing fluid expression at your fingertips.

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