Nexus Republic releases Zen Electro - 64 mellow dance sounds for reFX Nexus 2

12th December 2013

Nexus Republic has released Zen Electro, a sound expansion of 64 new sounds for the reFX Nexus 2 synthesizer designed for modern dance music with mellow and melodic edge.

Here's what they say: "No doubt pumping basslines and fidgety leads is what are driving the dancefloor, but sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy yourself on a fluffy cloud of mellowness. That's what Zen Electro is about. Mellow plucks, leads, pad, and basses."

Zen Electro is a collection that uses only the Nexus 2 factory waveforms. No expansions are required.

Price: €6.90.

KVR Audio, Inc.