Cableguys release FilterShaper 3 Public Beta, including pre-sale offer

16th December 2013

Cableguys has released a public beta of FilterShaper 3, including a pre-sale offer.

FilterShaper 3 is a filter, volume and pan modulation effect with a waveform editor and growing sound library, ideal for both experimentation and detailed tweaking.

FilterShaper 3 can be used for:

FilterShaper 3 includes 2 filters, 60 LFOs and 50 envelope followers: You'll have enormous modulation power at your fingertips. Even LFO amount and LFO speed can be modulated. LFOs can be MIDI-triggered, beat-synced or free-running, from very slow up to the audible range.

New Sallen-Key type filters (with filter drive) provide a sonically rich, fat resonant sound.

FilterShaper's knobs display all modulations in real-time; oscilloscopes show you the incoming and processed audio signal; a big, enlargeable waveform editor allows in-depth editing with a huge, precise oscilloscope.

FilterShaper 3 allows precise editing when needed, and sonic mayhem when wanted.

A shared online preset library gets you started, pre-filled with patches from their preset designers for (multi-band) sidechain compression, giant wobbles, evolving subtle variations and chopped beats.

Find out more here: www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=399396

Pricing and pre-sale offer

FilterShaper 3 will be €69 / $89. But you can still get FilterShaper 2 for €49 / $69 which includes a free upgrade to version 3.

KVR Audio, Inc.