Aly James Lab releases SPSG - Sega Master System (SN76489) VST Synth with extended features for Windows

17th December 2013

Aly James Lab has released SPSG (Super Portable Sound Generator), a Sega Master System sound chip (SN76489) VST Synthesizer with extended features for Windows. It's Donationware, with a minimum donation of 10.00 €.

AJL says "You may think, the SN76489 chip is basically square waves and 8-bit noise... but there is more. Clever programming tricks can unlock some unexpected potential."

SPSG is a closely modeled SN76489 sound chip (Sega Master System & Genesis console version). It has been developed with live control in mind. Many tests on real hardware have made possible some unreleased extended features to squeeze the most of the sound chip.

With the help of complex features like multi-step envelopes, programmable arpeggios, circuit bending options, sequenced tables and precise accurate control over the master clock rate, you will be able to reach classic gaming sounds of that era but also some hard to make type of sounds which, in the good old days, needed to go down to assembly language to perform.

Advanced techniques like Timer Interrupt modulation and PCM sample playing are supported and even the AY3-8910 (similar sound chip found in the ZX Spectrum) Hardware envelope has also been included as an emulated feature.

With full MIDI control and a huge user friendly GUI, it is a powerful synth suitable for chip music and SEGA nostalgic pleasure and also a powerful 8-bit tool for modern music production.

SPSG had been developed using custom C++ code and 3rd party licensed code. It is also Hardware compatible

The full detailed manual contains information that can be useful to any SN76489 lover.

Price: Donationware, with a minimum donation of 10.00 €.


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