Renoise 3.0 now in public beta - announcing Redux (Renoise sampler as a plug-in)

8th January 2014

The Renoise 3.0 beta-test has started, and the development team would like to invite anyone with a Renoise license to download the software and try out its new features.

With Renoise 3.0, a lot of what makes Renoise special in the first place - the tracker interface, the flexible effects and routing - has now been integrated into its built-in sampler. The user interface has been redesigned with a dedicated instrument section, allowing quick access to even the most deeply hidden feature. And it is possible to detach the instrument and stick it on a separate monitor, too.

If you are already comfortable using another DAW, but intrigued by Renoise, there is some good news too: the Renoise 3.0 sampler is being worked on as a standalone plugin – Redux – which you can then use in your DAW of choice. Any instrument created in Renoise will be fully compatible with Redux, and vice versa.

The full release notes can be read on the Renoise web site: www.renoise.com/release-notes/300

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