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EastWest releases Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter with Intro Offer
21st January 2014

EastWest has released Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter, featuring some of Steven Wilson's sounds, as well as a selection of especially created instruments and replications of sounds by other producers and engineers.

The sounds are designed to be used as part of the fabric of music productions, or as the basis for cinematic soundtrack-based music, providing a ready-made selection of sonic building blocks with Steven Wilson's expertise and sonic innovation embedded in them. In addition straightforward and raw instruments are included, which can be manipulated via the Ghostwriter instrument interface to create a user's own unique sounds.

Why Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a composer who writes music that will be officially credited to another person. The concept of ghostwriting goes back centuries: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a well-known composer paid to ghostwrite music for wealthy patrons. These days the sound design aspect of composing music has become as important as the notes, chords and rhythms, particularly in the creation of film, game, and television soundtracks, so while Ghostwriter won't write the music for you, it has been designed to be a "ghost" collaborator in the compositional process, an invaluable and inspirational tool for creating your music.


Price: $395 at Soundsonline and €295 at Soundsonline-Europe (for European customers), and EastWest authorized resellers.

Intro Offer: Purchase Steven Wilson Ghostwriter before January 31, 2014, and receive it on a Western Digital USB3 (with USB2 compatibility) Hard Drive at no extra charge ($70 value).

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