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Bitwig announces Bitwig Studio release date and pricing
23rd January 2014

Bitwig has announced that the launch of Bitwig Studio will be March 26th, 2014.

Bitwig Studio is a new and innovative music creation, recording, and performance software that supports all three major computing platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Combining traditional arrangement sequencing with modern performance-oriented clip launching workflows,.

Bitwig Studio offers a state-of-the-art audio engine under the hood, with full multi-processing support, a unified modulation system, 32/64-bit VST plugin bridging, and VST plugin crash protection.

Bitwig Studio comes with over 50 included devices. Conventional Instruments (Polysynth, FM-4, Organ, Sampler and analog-style Drum Modules) and FX (Delays, Equalizers, Compressors), as well as Container devices (to build parallel instrument or effect chains), Note FX, and Modulator devices (additional controllers like LFOs, envelope followers and step sequencers for modulating any other device). Extend this collection with your favorite VST effects and instruments, and use them side by side with Bitwig Studio internal devices.

Key Features:

Pricing & Availability

Bitwig Studio (boxed version) will be available from selected retailers worldwide and from Bitwig.com.

A free demo version will be available for download upon launch at www.bitwig.com.

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