Subatomic Software updates Audulus to v2.6 - Intros Three New Nodes

6th February 2014

Subatomic Software has updated Audulus, the minimalist modular software synthesizer and effects processor for Mac OS X and iOS, to v2.6, which adds a new in-app-purchase upgrade, the Switch Pack, and a new free node, Feedback Delay.

The Switch Pack consists of two nodes, Mux8 and Demux8 with more nodes forthcoming. Mux8 and Demux8 are 8-way multiplexers and demultiplexers (respectively). Mux8's selector input ("sel") controls which of the 8 inputs is routed to the output. Demux8's selector input controls which of the 8 outputs receives the signal from the input. These nodes can be used to create sequencers or route signals.

FeedbackDelay allows the user to control where a delay occurs in a feedback loop. Because a feedback loop creates a circular dependency between nodes, a delay must be introduced. Audulus indicates where the delay is by showing a "z" on a delayed input. By inserting a FeedbackDelay node in a feedback loop, the delay will be moved to the FeedbackDelay node, allowing the user to control precisely where the delay occurs.

Audulus for iPad is available on the App Store for $19.99.

Audulus for Mac is available on the Mac App Store for $29.99.

For more information, visit audulus.com.


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