Eisenberg releases EINKLANG Extended

21st March 2014

Eisenberg has announced the availability of EINKLANG Extended — bundling its EINKLANG software synthesizer for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher) and Windows (XP or later) with its RED Tone Pack, GREEN Tone Pack, and BLUE Tone Pack, plus the recently-released premium WHITE Tone Pack and BLACK Tone Pack, to add a whole new range of tone colours.

Eisenberg's EINKLANG is a soft synth that resynthesizes sounds using instrument models based on Eisenberg's Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology (AIST), allowing it to understand the structures of sounds and remember specific nuances of different instruments so you don't have to. Lowering the pitch of a cello affects its timbre in a different way to lowering the pitch of a french horn, for example — just like their real-world counterparts. Conversely, you can even detune a single string from a cello — detuning its overtones, in other words, which is physically impossible for monophonic one-dimensional resonators such as a single string.

Similarly, those instrument models can be tweaked directly using the minimal TIMBRE, LOUDNESS, and MODULATION musical parameter groups — all of which affect the sound more deeply than might first appear possible, thanks to that powerful AIST engine. Elsewhere, instrument models are also morphed seamlessly from one sound to another using the MORPHING triangle with three slots for tone colours. EINKLANG introduces a strong synaesthetic link between sound and colour with all GUI controls responding to MORPHING triangle relationships in corresponding colours — just like white light is able to travel through the colour spectrum in additive colour synthesis.

EINKLANG itself comes with 150 tone colours for morphing purposes, ranging from acoustic to synthetic. But by bundling it with RED, GREEN and BLUE Tone Packs, plus the recently-released premium WHITE and BLACK Tone Packs, Eisenberg has considerably extended its sonic reach.

RED, GREEN, and BLUE Tone Packa effectively belong together as they capably cover a third of the common tone colours between them:

Whatever your personal preference, each offer more MODULATION over time and a stronger dynamics component compared to the standard 150 tone colours included in EINKLANG alone.

WHITE and BLACK Tone Packs possess an even wider range of dynamics and intra-morphing, meaning a tone could be a piano in the lower range and a marimba in the higher range or even a trumpet when played with more dynamics, for instance. In building both of these packs, Eisenberg analysed three times more content than was the case when creating their colourful siblings — hence the premium appellation.

EINKLANG Extended can be purchased from the Eisenberg online Shop for €239.00 / $239.00.

Check out some audio examples of EINKLANG in action here: soundcloud.com/eisenbergaudio

Also, set for an April release, EINKLANG 1.2 is improved with several new features: reworked playback engine with louder main output, visual level meter with fine control for volume gain, and a new preset browser in both standalone and plug-in modes.

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