Synchro Arts releases Revoice Pro v2.5 for Mac and Windows

24th April 2014

Synchro Arts has announced the release of version 2.5 of Revoice Pro for Mac OS X and Windows.

Revoice Pro lets audio editors create tight and natural-sounding double tracks, harmonies and ADR automatically. It includes functions for making pitch and time corrections with professional sound quality, both automatically and manually.

What's New?
In Revoice Pro 2.5, Synchro Arts have introduced new features that improve workflow, speed of processing and audio quality:

Trials, Downloads and Purchasing
Full licenses (iLok-based) can be purchased from Synchro Arts dealers or on-line via www.synchroarts.com/store. Free 14-day trial licenses (iLok-based) for Revoice Pro are available from www.synchroarts.com

Time-Limited Sale Pricing
A special 25% Introductory Offer Discount on Revoice Pro 2.5 is available to 31 May 2014.

RRP / Sale Pricing:

Additional Discounts are available for Educational customers and on upgrades for current VocALign Owners (see www.synchroarts.com/store for details).

Revoice Pro license owners can download the V2.5 upgrade Free of Charge.

What's New in Revoice Pro 2.5 Video: http://youtu.be/5jddln2GRSg

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