GoldWave v6.00 Beta Released (64-bit)

30th April 2014

GoldWave Inc. has announced that v6.00 Beta of GoldWave, the audio editor application for Windows, is now available.

GoldWave v6.00 is a major update to with many changes across the entire program, primarily for multichannel support for up to 8 channels and 64-bit executable for accessing more than 2 GB of memory.

Larger tool bar buttons, themes, and many other interface changes have been made to improve usability. The old compiled help system and manual have been replaced with a unified help file in standard HTML format.


GoldWave v6.00 requires Windows 7 64-bit or later. It will not run or install on any 32-bit versions of Windows. GoldWave v6.00 is a beta (test) version and may be unstable.

Find out more and download the beta version here.

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