OverTone DSP updates FC70 Fairchild Limiter plug-in - adds VST3 support

30th June 2014

OverTone DSP has updated the FC70 Fairchild Limiter Plug-in to include support for VST3.

The FC70 plug-in uses an innovative delay-free feedback compressor / limiter algorithm, while emulating a fully balanced design which mirrors the original Fairchild 670 circuitry. The side-chain includes the fast attack and program dependent release settings of the original, combined with Lateral / Vertical, Independent and Linked stereo channel modes.

Added support for VST3 brings all the advantages of the format, including a live re-sizable graphical interface to make the best use of screen space and resolution.

This is a free upgrade for existing users, more information and free demo / upgrade at www.overtonedsp.co.uk

KVR Audio, Inc.