No Dough Samples release "NDS-8 - Underground House 2" Sample Pack

9th July 2014

No Dough Samples has released NDS-8 - Underground House 2, a sample pack designed for lovers of House music, Techno and all the sub genres like Garage, Disco and Dubstep. It's filled with drums & loops "designed with the kind of aesthetic you will find on vinyl of yesterday and today".

Bringing together analogue synth work alongside drums, leads and pads, Underground House 2 is all about the underground house sound from clubs around the world.

All sorts of gear was used to make the pack, from Oberheim to Elektron, from EMU to Akai. All sampled to Studer on GP9 tape and then into the DAW at 96kHz via Neve preamps. NDS also include the files at each stage, so you will find the plain original audio, a few levels of tape saturation and the preamp files, giving you choices of tone.

NDS-8 Features: Analogue : Studer Tape : Neve : Drum shots : Synth Loops : Bass Loops : MIDI : Patches : Instruments : Beats : ARPs.

Format: 1.78 GB; 1350 x WAV 96 kHz, 24-bit & MIDI.

Price: £24.99.

KVR Audio, Inc.