BT and Imogen Heap to Headline A3E Keynote - Special Offer for the KVR Community

12th September 2014

A3E has announced that Imogen Heap and BT will be participating in the A3E event and they are making a special offer to members of the KVR community to attend for 50% off the regular price (See details below).

The efforts of artists like BT and Imogen Heap to expand music composition, production and performance by using technology are well-documented and what is at the heart of this month's A3E conference in Boston. A3E is making a special offer to the KVR community to attend for 50% off the regular price (See below).

A3E - the Advanced Audio + Application Exchange, is exploring how music and technology are changing the creative landscape from three perspectives:

A3E is not only exploring the economics of the new music landscape, but also the collaborative and creative opportunities that result. BT and Imogen Heap, through their A3E presentations, will help provide guidance and insight on what the future looks like and how to thrive in that future.

BT will be receiving the inaugural A3E Artist + Technology Mastermind Award and will deliver a keynote focused on his software development efforts to support his creative music process.

Imogen Heap will be interviewed from across the pond to discuss her software and hardware initiatives, in particular her "gloves" and the role technology played in the creation of her latest album "Sparks".

A3E is the first major event to focus on the market shift that places Audio Developers at the center of music composition, production and performance as never before.

KVR Audio members understand this market shift implicitly but it is a shift that is not without challenges. Much like digital distribution revolutionized the recording industry, the spread of music apps for desktop, laptop, mobile devices and the web, has created equally challenging business models for Audio Developers, as well as traditional music instrument and hardware companies.

If you are interested in attending go here, click "register now", select Audio Developers Conference, click continue and use Discount Code:


The offer good through September 22nd, 2014.

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